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Environmental Responsibility

With the intent of permanently extending a safe haven for wildlife to live and flourish, Wisdom International has helped to purchase and then protect over 1000 acres of rainforest. This rainforest contains an amazingly diverse ecosystem that stretches to cloud forest heights, all of which borders nationally protected national forest land. Extending this safe haven for wildlife, permanently.

We are not just carbon neutral company, Wisdom International is carbon negative. We are saving and regrowing with reforestation projects on actual acres that had once been cleared by burning for cattle farming. Reforesting based on forest that has already been established in the same area.

We will continue to Put forth a portion of our proceeds towards environmental restoration. Wisdom International Hopes to help the overall big picture while providing products and services that are not only competitive, but unique and inventive as well. There is only one Earth. We hope to contribute to the benefit of the plants, animals and all life on it.

We do not dilute our products with any extra water.

About Us

We at PotentGrowth believe that everyone should have the means to grow their own consumable products without complications; to provide high quality fruits, herbs, and vegetables full of flavor, nutrients, and benefits we may not even know about yet for families and friends. Our products are designed to help everyone regain the connection between the land and our food and to create a balance in our soil, our food, our bodies, and our lives.

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