• How much should I use?

    It is really hard to use too much. Everybody has different circumstances and environments to deal with so optimal amounts will vary. We recommend starting on the low end of applications and move up from there. As soon as you stop seeing additional positives from using additional product, you’ve probably hit the perfect mark for your scenario.

  • Can I foliar feed?

    Yes. Both our products can be foliar fed as they are 100% soluble. However, different positives can be seen between a root drench and a foliar application.

  • Should I use additional Carbohydrates such as sugars or molasses with MFP?

    Yes. We always recommend using an additional easily absorbable food source with our MFP. They need enough readily absorbable foods to sustain their hyperactivity.

  • Should I pre-dissolve your products before applying to the final mixture?

    It is always a good idea to do so, especially when working with foliar applications.

  • Can I burn my plants with your products?

    No. We have used up to 5 fold the recommended dosage with no burning.

  • Are your products fertilizers?

    No. Our products are not fertilizers; however, many of our products elements are utilized by the plants physiology. Our products contain only non-plant food ingredients.

  • Can I use other products with Aqua Synergy and MFP?

    Yes. We have not yet found any compatibility issues with any other ingredients or products on the market.

  • Are your products "stand alone"?

    No. We recommend that you ensure that your fertilizers or NPK’s, micronutrients and secondary are being fully supplied. We formulated our products to flow side by side with any existing program without any problems.

  • My reservoir is getting a little foamy, why?

    The yucca extracts water spreading ability can make suds when combined with an aerator. Try lowering the dosage of Aqua Synergy by a little each time until you see acceptable results.

About Us

We at PotentGrowth believe that everyone should have the means to grow their own consumable products without complications; to provide high quality fruits, herbs, and vegetables full of flavor, nutrients, and benefits we may not even know about yet for families and friends. Our products are designed to help everyone regain the connection between the land and our food and to create a balance in our soil, our food, our bodies, and our lives.

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