100% Soluble Yucca/Silica

Aqua Synergy

Aqua Synergy

PotentGrowth offers you an easy way to improve your plants' resistance to environmental stresses.  Aqua Synergy contains the extract of Yucca Schidigera, a plant so resilient it can thrive in the desert. We bring these amazing properties and more to you in a 100% soluble form; the solution quickly mixes and is easy to apply to any garden with no toxic side effects or hazards to animals. Aqua Synergy provides greater peace of mind that should equipment malfunction or bad weather strike, your plants will not just survive, but may well thrive.

  • Extends the range of optimal/acceptable temperature for your plants. Increases resistance to extreme heat or cold.
  • Feed grade ingredients make Aqua Synergy safe for use around pets and livestock.
  • Resistance to extreme heat or cold.
  • Protects plants against some short-term equipment failures in indoor gardens and greenhouses.
  • Improves survivability in drought or flood conditions.
  • Contains pure precipitated silica, not Potassium silicate. Aqua Synergy will not affect your solution's pH.


  • Product Detail

    Indoor Horticulturalists, as well as outdoor ones, often have problems keeping the heat down especially in the summer months. Many have to shut down or significantly change their methods during these months due to such high temperatures. Sad, droopy plants are very common in hot grow rooms with HID lights as well. Most vegetation begins to shut down when temperatures reach 90 degrees. Optimal growth slows and eventually stops, sometimes causing visible heat damage to your plants. This is not what you want.

    Aqua Synergy will help keep your plant from shutting down and allow it to continue vigorous cell production without any side effects. It also works the same way for extreme cold as frost damage is significantly reduced as well. Aqua Synergy extends the range of acceptable temperatures for maximized cell reproduction of your plants.

    Have you ever wondered why plants such as Yucca are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions presented by areas such as the White Sands? It is able to withstand these conditions because of a conglomeration of naturally produced organic chemicals within its tissues. PotentGrowth has taken the extract of this plant and made it available for uptake in any plant you grow. By using Aqua Synergy, you can transfer this plant's great natural ability to any plant in your garden. Whether its extreme hot or extreme cold, Aqua Synergy will help shield your plant from this cause of smaller yields.

    Silica helps with environmental stress in a manner very complimentary with Yucca. However, it accomplishes this with a completely different mode of action. Silica helps to strengthen the cell walls of the plant with more of a flexible strength than a rigid strength. Stalks and stems are able to hold more weight and are less likely to break. The outer protective tissues also get a boost, helping to protect against outside Influences. Our clean source of pure precipitated silica is not a diluted potassium silicate and should not affect your pH.

  • Application Instructions

    The standard application we recommend is 1-2 ml/gallon as a root drench. Extreme situations have required up to 1tsp/gal, however the conditions required to necessitate such a concentration are exceedingly rare. Nonetheless, stress tests at well over 1 tsp/gal did not result in any noticeable negative effects. Aqua Synergy also works in foliar applications. Supplying the amazing benefits of Silica and Yucca extract, at a fraction of the cost. 1-2 ml/gal as a foliar spray goes a long way. Aqua Synergy will not leave a layer that restricts the plants perspiration or breathing like other products. Aqua Synergy also provides a minor carbohydrate source to aid in delivery and increasing the plants "Brix".

Aqua Synergy

100% Soluble Yucca/Silica

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