Eradicate M

Eradicate M

Cedar has long been known to benefit us in the battle against pests.  PotentGrowth is proud to offer EradicateM, a natural cedar-based product that Eradicates mites, mildew, and more.  Even larger garden pests cannot hide from EradicateM. While the aroma of cedar will make your garden more inviting to your guests and your greenhouse more pleasant to work in, it creates an environment truly uninviting to the pests every gardener wants to be rid of.

Cedar oil based insecticide.

  • All ingredients 100% natural and free of noxious chemicals
  • Multiple modes of action- See Product Detail for more information.
  • Instant kill for many pests.
  • Long-lasting pheromone interruption deters many more pests.
  • Life Cycle disrupting effects keep infestations from repeating.
  • Protects plant and soil from mold and mildew.

  • Product Detail

    There are many constituents that cedar wood oil produces that make it such a powerful weapon against garden pests. It has several distinct modes of action:

    • Pheromone Interruption: attacks the octopamine neuro-receptors, which in turn disrupts a wide range of insect behavior including feeding, movement, metabolism, and reproduction.
    • Respiratory irritation: Provides a respiratory irritant sufficient to cause the insect to involuntarily stop breathing.
    • Life cycle disruption: Destroys eggs, larvae, and pupae on contact.
    • Contact Killer: Kills or debilitates soft and hard bodied insects on contact through a variety of means.

    The direct contact effects come in a number of different forms. While all of these effects may not apply to all pest insects, a great many pests are directly injured or killed by one or more of them:

    • Osmotic Dehydration: Leaches moisture from the pest's body on contact, causing death by dehydration./li>
    • De-Acidification: Neutralizes the pest's bodily fluids, causing the body to weaken and break down.
    • Exoskeletal Erosion: Erodes the exoskeleton and cuticle of many insects, causing them to be more susceptible to other natural hazards.
    • Enzymatic Elevation: Increases enzyme levels in juvenile insects so as to cause rapid metamorphosis beyond the creature's physical tolerances, leading to death before reproductive maturity.

    The pheromone interrupters are what give EradicateM its long lasting repellent effects. It is still a very effective agent even if only sprayed around the perimeter of an indoor garden or outdoor farm. Circumstances under which direct spraying certain products can lead to a negative outcome do not preclude the use of EradicateM as it is still effective even when only applied to the grounds and structures.

    EradicateM also manages to avoid doing damage to those beneficial insects that are essential to a healthy ecosystem. As many of these insects are sight-driven, such as honey bees, butterflies, and lady bugs, the pheromone disruptors that are crippling to harmful insects such as aphids and ants are merely unpleasant to sight-driven insects. The beneficial insects simply avoid the area until the acute effects dissipate without suffering permanent damage. The acute contact killing effects, however, can still harm such insects when directly sprayed as those modes of action are a direct chemical reaction with the compounds that constitute insect biology. We ask you to be mindful of this if spraying in an outdoor application, and to consult a professional if you have a problematic population of otherwise helpful insects on your property.

  • Labeling and Safety Documents

    This product is a minimum-risk pesticide and is exempt from federal registration per FIFRA Section 25(b) and 40 CFR 152.25(f). Below is the full text of the product label and the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) as downloadable PDFs.

    Eradicate M Label Language (pdf) Eradicate M SDS (pdf)

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